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David Jacobsen is an expert woodworker, residing in Utah. He has been working on furniture for over 45 years now. Although in recent years it has become difficult to work due to personal illness, his love for the work has kept his passion alive and he simply can't live without it. He would love to help you restore or refurbish your treasures...

Furniture Repair Services:

David carefully works with each piece to make sure it is first properly repaired before it is restored or refinished. When completed, your furniture is beautiful, functional and ready to use. David takes pride in his work, so you can be confident that he will take extra care to insure your cherished heirloom is restored properly.

Furniture Refinishing and Restoration Services:

David has been trusted and charged with the repair and restoration of many exquisite, noteworthy pieces. His intense dedication to quality and detail is shown with every piece. Utilizing proper wood refinishing products and processes, his expert furniture refinishing experience can revitalize your valuable furniture and wood pieces, restoring and enhancing their natural beauty and strength. His meticulous work will remove the signs of age and use, virtually erasing scuff marks, gouges, water rings, and dents. Even broken, water damaged, and burned pieces can often be repaired to "like new" condition. He restores and repairs all types of furniture, including antiques and specialty items. He provides home and business owners an affordable alternative to replacing fine wood furnishings and fixtures, antiques, family heirlooms and costly office furnishings.

Furniture Replications and Reproductions:

With a blend of traditional French Country materials and Eastern White Pine, David's aim is to make beautiful furniture that expresses the quality and permanence of hand crafted design. Although the pieces are replications or reproductions, each work is original, drawing from his own creativity to produce unique, custom furniture.

Here are a few examples of David’s work: