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Getting The Most Out Of Furniture Restoration

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Refinishing furniture and reupholstering furniture are tasks that some have attempted at one time or another. Quite often the results have been disastrous. Most people have tried and failed. The best way to refinish your furniture is to go to a professional. We’ve been doing it for years and we take pride in our workmanship.

Old or antique furniture is usually better than new as it’s made of quality wood and built to last. Furniture companies work with clients to bring their favorite pieces back to life. Furniture refinishing is cost-effective as most new furniture cannot be refurbished. Reupholstering an old piece of furniture adds a new look to that otherwise dated chair or sofa. These days fabrics are made to last and come in a variety of colors and textures.

Mahogany furniture was popular in the mid 18th century and although it started out fairly simple these days we identify mahogany with heavily carved pieces. We pride ourselves on restoring mahogany and our skilled craftsman will bring your prized possessions back to their original beauty.

Mother Earth dictates that we go green as much as possible. This means refinishing, refurbishing, repairing, reusing and most importantly recycling the furniture that we restore. We pride ourselves in quality furniture restoration. Our Artisans use durable coatings that bring your furniture back to its original condition. You will notice how vibrant the colors are as the old wax, paint or stains have been removed. Our company is environmentally friendly as our restoration procedures require less energy and natural resources that are used in new furniture production.

If you’ve found a beautiful old piece of furniture at a garage or yard sale it usually requires some sort of furniture repair. We are meticulous at finding the missing pieces that once adorned that old sideboard or dining table bringing it back to it’s original state.

When we refinish or repair your furniture we like to use as much reclaimed wood as we possibly can. Reclaimed is wood that has been found in old barns and wood buildings, from old furniture that is beyond repair and old flooring. We can match your restoration with reclaimed wood that will bring your piece of furniture back to its glory.

Our company can help you care for your furniture by giving you excellent tips on wood care. Dust as much as possible as frequent dusting will prevent scratching and remember to clean up those spills as soon as possible. Unsightly stains can be prevented if you wipe up that spilled glass of wine right away. When dusting avoid wax based cleaners as they will build up over time making removal nearly impossible unless it is done by a professional. Silicone based polishes are also on the do not do list. Silicone can permeate into wood. Sunlight can cause fading so try to keep your furniture out of the sun. Rubber or plastic items that are placed directly on the wood can cause staining. Try to use coasters that are made from natural material such as cork, wicker or wood.
Outdoor wood furniture needs great care as the elements can damage your patio set. You would think that because it’s made from wood which comes from trees that wouldn’t be the case, but as the wood has been treated it is not in its natural backwoods state and is more susceptible to the elements. We can bring life back into your outdoor furniture making it look brand new.
Before you go shopping for new furniture consider refinishing, restoring, reupholstering and repairing your furniture. It will last for years and you will be assured of unique pieces that your friends and family will be dying to replicate.

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