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Craftsman Of Fine Furniture In Utah Offers Advice

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Old furniture carries a bit of history with it and should never be discarded simply because its looks have faded or it requires repair. Craftsmen put much of their souls into the furniture they built in the past, perhaps building custom pieces for their own families that were meant to last generations. Furniture in Utah specializes in restoring these classic pieces to new appearance and function. Wood is a living substance produced by the earth and takes many years to grow. It is tragic to discard perfectly good material when it can be restored, reupholstered and refinished for less than the price of quality new furniture.

You can get expert refinished furniture in Utah restored by experienced professionals who value beautiful heirlooms and will take great care to revive their original beauty. Your own furniture carries a bit of your family’s history and should be maintained where possible for future generations. You could do the work yourself if you are handy, but it is usually best to rely on the skilled artists at the Furniture Repair Company in Utah who have spent many years devoted to restoring the beautiful woods produced by the rich earth. They offer complete repair and restoration services and have restored valuable pieces in the past for individuals, businesses and governmental agencies. They can gut a ratty old sofa that was sturdily crafted originally and repair, reupholster and refinish it to create a beautiful showpiece for your home. If you discover an interesting table, chair or antique desk at a thrift shop or yard sale, you can have it reclaimed by these caring craftsmen.

When you take delivery of your restored antiques, it is important to maintain their beauty with proper care. You should avoid harsh cleaners and silicone-based polishes because they can damage the wood. Environmentally friendly paste waxes with lemon oil will bring out the luster of your furniture beautifully. Remember that direct sun can damage furniture and cause the finish to fade. Excess oil will damage your finish rather than preserve it. Living wood gets its moisture from the ambient air, not from oils or polish. If the surface of a piece has deteriorated, then avoid waxing, which can cause further damage. Proper sanding and refinishing will properly arrest the damage and restore natural beauty.

Repainting Furniture Utah should examine any pieces before you authorize any painting work. If a piece is an antique, it may well be more valuable with the original paint. If the experts decide the old paint does not add value, then they can beautifully repaint any furniture to coordinate with your other furnishings. Damaged discolored wicker items may seem a lost cause, but these craftsmen are experts in refinishing wicker furniture in Utah.

They recommend that you reuse old woods, which retain character and beauty. They can turn scrap lumber from old buildings into beautiful tables or install gorgeous hardwood floors. Knotholes and other seeming imperfections in wood actually add natural beauty. New furniture can be very expensive if it is good quality, but you can enjoy the benefits of elegant pieces in your home by having furniture professionally restored, repaired, reupholstered and refinished. Your antique piece can be the center of attention in your home when you care enough to reclaim a bit of history by using the fine services of Furniture Repair Utah.

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