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Furniture Restorers In Utah Restore Value Of Precious Wood

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Wood is a living, breathing medium that requires some care to maintain its beauty. Furniture restorers in Utah have this mantra ingrained in all their actions to help you restore your cherished pieces to a pristine condition. The beauty of natural wood transcends generations. Well-crafted furniture can be passed on from generation to generation. What some people would throw away can usually be brought back to beautiful service. These craftspeople of some small renown have restored some very famous pieces in over 40 years of woodworking expertise and will bring their hand crafted philosophy to bear on your restoration project.

What you will discover in Utah wooden furniture repair is a deep commitment to the American tradition of superior artisans performing a service for families and history. They firmly believe that well-made furniture should be maintained and passed on for others to enjoy. Working from a small town in Wayne county Utah in the high mountain desert, they follow a centuries-old tradition of fine workmanship at a reasonable price in the belief that if you charge fair prices you will never lack work.

Your heirloom pieces can be restored to their original luster by taking the necessary time and care to properly reclaim each individual piece. The finest techniques for wood refinishing will revitalize old wooden furniture. Craftsmen from generations past built sturdy furniture because they knew a fine wooden piece might reside with a family for several lifetimes. There are many methods of furniture repair wood that can rejuvenate even the most damaged pieces. Signs of age and family use can be erased, including scuff marks, water rings, dents and deep gouges to the wood. Broken furniture can be repaired and water damage reversed. Even burned pieces come sometimes be returned to a “like new” condition.

Proper care of your beautiful pieces is important to preserve them so they can remain family heirlooms. Wood lives and breathes and you will receive advice on how to properly care for the finish to maintain the showroom beauty the restoration process will produce. Paste wax will give great protection and beauty to the finish of a fine antique or piece of furniture. The earth produces a great bounty for those who respect its output and beautiful woods of all types celebrate this bounty with tangible products that are as gorgeous as they are functional.

Furniture restorers in Utah work with other mediums as well. They restore leather furniture to health, and can take on any woodworking project that requires the touch of an artist. Dining room tables, sideboards, wardrobes, desks, bookcases, chairs, display cases and antiques can all be restored in meticulous detail with historical accuracy. They have restored some remarkable furniture over the years including being awarded the contract for the Salt Lake City & County historic building restoration. Whether a major historical job or a small preservation of a cherished family treasure, these artists stick to their principles of fine craftsmanship at a fair price.

They also produce some original work for sale that is hand crafted for quality and permanence. They blend French Country materials with eastern white pine to produce unique pieces that will grace your home with flair and superb function. If you need wood or leather furniture restoration, they will lend you their professional expertise to extend your furniture’s life to the next generation.

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