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Fix Wood Furniture In Utah – And Help Preserve The Environment

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You may want to know how to fix wood furniture in Utah if you have inherited some old pieces from a relative, or if some pieces in your own home have seen better days. Nowadays there is an increased emphasis on going green, so you may be interested in understanding how to repair wood furniture in Utah in an eco-friendly way. Wood is a precious resource given to us by mother nature, and we should preserve it and treasure it, not regard it as a throwaway item.
The pieces you have inherited may need restoring or just refinishing. A piece requires refinishing if there are deep gouges and cracks going down to the wood, or if there are unsightly patches where the finish has flaked off. If this is the case, you need to understand about refinished furniture in Utah. The first step in refinishing is to remove the old finish, and to do this in an eco-friendly way, you need to find removers that are not lye or methylene chloride based, so that they do not give off the toxic fumes that the old strippers did. You can then sand down the wood, and apply your new stain. If you are painting instead of staining, you need to make sure you use low VOC paints, such as those from Bioshield, who manufacture their paints from renewable resources.
If it is an antique piece, it will probably need more than just applying new stain. An important part of Utah antique furniture restorations is making sure the piece is protected from future wear and tear. The most effective way to do this is to apply several layers of polish – but avoid using traditional polishes, which contain toxic materials. Best of all is a beeswax polish, which will turn your piece of furniture into a thing of beauty.
Utah furniture restoring can involve more than refinishing and polishing. It can include dealing with all the blemishes and signs of wear and tear that have defaced the item over the years – or centuries. For instance, in order to fix wood furniture in Utah, you may need to repair cracks, splits, burn marks or water marks, or replace missing pieces like pulls or handles. Ideally, of course, the aim is to restore the piece to its original condition, but if this is not possible, you are aiming to make it fully functional and attractive to look at.
Utah furniture restoring really helps the environment. Every time you restore a piece of furniture, you avoid the demand for a replacement piece of timber, and so help to conserve the forests. You can do this too by ensuring you use reclaimed wood for every new piece of furniture you want to make for yourself. This will help to preserve the outdoors for future generations.
Antique furniture was created many years ago from beautiful old trees. These resources must not be discarded, but cared for through Utah antique furniture restorations. They will not only beautify our homes, but help us preserve the beautiful trees we still have.

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