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Caring for Antique or Refurbished Wood Furniture Utah

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Whether you’ve invested in professional Utah antique restorations, or are just looking for ways to care your precious antiques, there are many things you can do to extend the life of your furniture.

First and foremost, applying polishes can dramatically alter current and future value. The old wives tale that antique furniture needs to be slathered with oil to keep from drying out is untrue. Wood does not dry out from a lack of oil. Furniture oils may give a temporary, enhanced appearance, but oils leave a residue that attracts dust and cause build-up. The very best way to maintain a luxurious finish, is by applying a thin coat of a high-quality paste wax. Paste wax protects without permanently altering wood. Wax may harm surfaces with a deteriorating finish though, so if you have any doubts about the condition of your furniture, consult our Utah Furniture Restoring experts for advice on your particular situation.

Another danger to your furniture which is often overlooked, is the environment in which it is stored or displayed. UV light is the enemy of antique furniture. Sunlight eats away at finishes, wood and especially fabrics. Store antique furniture away from direct sunlight, and diffuse light with curtains whenever possible. Temperature and humidity swings can also have a negative effect furniture, so avoid areas in front of vents, radiators and fireplaces. Heat can cause shrinking which loosens joints and inlays, while high humidity can cause mold growth or insect infestation.

Speaking of insects, wood and upholstery make inviting homes. Powderpost beetles eat their way along the grain inside wood furniture and leave bore holes upon maturity when exiting. If you see fine sawdust appearing under your furniture, get your pieces down to a company experienced in Utah antique furniture restorations right away so that infestations can be controlled before major damage is done.

Care of antique furniture can have a dramatic effect on longevity. If you have a piece you feel is already damaged, and are considering Refinishing Old Furniture Utah, consult our restoration experts to recapture your furniture’s original beauty.

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