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Safely Moving Antique or Refurbished Wood Furniture Utah

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Worried about moving your antique or refurbished wood furniture Utah? Whether it’s a room-to-room move, or cross-country, you’ll want to read our tips for making sure that your investment gets where it needs to go safely. Having a transfer plan will avoid costly and upsetting damages.
Before handling any antique or refurbished furniture, always check for loose or damaged joinery. Chairs should only be carried by the seat rails – never the backs, top rails or arms. Tables should be lifted by the apron or legs rather than the top which could pull loose from the base. Also, before moving remove shelves, doors and drawers. Marble tops and glass should be removed prior to moving and stored and transported vertically.
Large items should be transported on their back or top, rather than their legs – especially during long haul vehicle transport.
When moving an antique, wrap with several layers of protection such as a variety of bubblewrap, thin foam wrap, cardboard, shrink wrap and mover’s blankets. Go slow – quick moves often lead to damage.
When padding antique furniture pieces with legs, start at the top and then drape with more pads to tape around the legs. Padding on furniture without legs should start with bottom pads and be draped upwards. Be sure that all pads are tightly secured so that they can’t break loose. Use mover’s plastic tape to secure the paddings but never allow the sticky side of the tape to touch the finish.
When moving furniture with wooden casters or delicate claw feet, if possible remove and reattach when placing in the new location.
We hope these tips will save your furniture from needless damage. If it’s too late and your Refurbished Wood Furniture Utah has already been nicked or damaged during a move, we can help restore it to its former glory.

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